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Crypto-currencies are in fact tradable digital assets supported by Blockchain Technology which should form part of every diversified Investment Portfolio


SPIRIT Blockchain Technologies Ltd is an infrastructure company operating in the Blockchain, Digital Asset and Artificial Intelligence sectors with primary focus on royalty income and capital appreciation.

VISION: SPIRIT Blockchain’s Vision is to be one of the leading global blockchain infrastructure companies and a Company that bridges blockchain technologies and digital-assets to traditional capital markets. 

MISSION: The Company’s Mission is to accelerate the development of blockchain technology through traditional capital markets, while creating long-term shareholder value.

VALUES: SPIRIT Blockchain’s Values is a Culture that promotes Team-Work, Experience, Expertise, Focus and an Entrepreneurial Dynamic.


Create long-term value by investing in the developing Blockchain and Digital Asset Ecosystem. For more information about pricing and investment opportunities please get in touch:

The Company’s Strategy Is To:

Invest in the mining of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins initially in Switzerland, undertake treasury management and joint venture with leading manufacturers in the blockchain ecosystem.

In the second phase the Company will invest further in mining infrastructure, storage solutions and other suitable blockchain opportunities.

Management and Advisors:

Erich Perroulaz
Chairman & CEO

Raymond O'Neill

Stephen Brohman

Carson Philips
Head of Corporate Development

Madeleine Salzmann
Communications & Investor Relations

Kaspar Hofer
Financial Controller

Brian O'Neill
Advisory Board

James McDowall
Advisory Board

Walter Karshat
Advisory Board

Leonard Trigg
Advisory Board