Technology & Professional Services

Technology & Professional Services

Spirit Blockchain licenses and delivers blockchain technology and applications to Enterprise and Government clients. These solutions include:

  • Supply chain management solutions
  • Blockchain transaction oversight and forensics for law governtment and enterprise
  • Blockchain wallet AML risk reporting
  • Financial services, auditing and compliance



Walletscore - Powered by DMG Blockchain Solutions:

AML Risk Reporting for Crypto Exchanges and Payment Platforms

Walletscore measures a wallet’s propensity to engage in criminal or suspicious activity. Naturally, transacting with a criminal is tantamount either to funding crime or laundering its proceeds, so it is in our collective interest to identify—and then monitor or quarantine—any wallet with criminal association.


Blockseer Blockchain Analytics -
Powered by DMG Blockchain Solutions:


DMG’s Blockseer is a compliance and investigation tool that helps visualize Cryptocurrency transactions, and label and cluster addresses.

Blockseer is one of the most trusted solutions for AML and KYC uses.

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