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SPIRIT Blockchain is generating recurring cash flows streams through its different business units. The diversification of its activities allow the company to have less volatile revenues than the cryptoasset markets can be and SPIRIT aims to be listed this year in Canada.

SPIRIT wants to become one of the leading global Blockchain & Digital Asset Management & Royalty Streaming Companies. The firm provides to investors a direct exposure to these market sectors, without the technical complexity or constraints of purchasing the underlying cryptocurrency. The Company’s strategy is based upon Management’s believe that the Blockchain and Digital Asset ecosphere will grow significantly in the long-term and that crypto currencies will become a larger portion of diversified portfolios. Additionally, SPIRIT Blockchain is building the bridge between North America – Europe/Switzerland. 

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We have a heavily experienced team in Investment, Financial services, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics.

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Why Canada & Switzerland?

Canada is due to low costs the most attractive mining destination, third worldwide. Canada’s abundance of eco-friendly energy resources is one of the reason they play a huge role in cryptocurrency mining.

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Blockchain marks the next step in the evolution of digital transformation by shifting the paradigm from centralized data silos to decentralized, open data flows with the user at the heart of it.

As a dedicated Blockchain fund with top-level industry experts, we are firmly rooted in the crypto community. We have access to an extensive ecosystem linking key Blockchain industry players, VCs, corporates and academics to connect and accelerate our portfolio companies with the best business opportunities. Our vast industry expertise and network makes us attractive for highly specialized startups and founders who are looking for smart money.

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BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group Inc. brings security and accountability to the new era of cryptocurrency. BIG's flagship services - BitRank Verified® and QLUE™ - provide enhanced transparency and confidence for digital currency transactions, which will enable SPIRIT Blockchain’s client base to assess transactional risk and obtain forensic-level analytics suited for anti-money laundering (AML) purposes.

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Crypto Finance AG is a financial technology holding company founded in June 2017. The Group provides blockchain-related services through its three subsidiaries: Crypto Fund AG (Asset Management), Crypto Broker AG (Brokerage), and Crypto Storage AG (Storage). The aim of Crypto Finance AG is to facilitate the implementation of blockchain technology in the global economy through a range of high-quality financial services. Crypto Finance has offices in Zurich, and is based in Zug in the Crypto Valley, which is home to one of the world’s densest clusters of crypto-economic companies and innovative organisations that utilise blockchain technology.

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