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Incorporation of SPIRIT Blockchain Technologies Ltd

It is announced that today Spirit Blockchain Technologies Limited (“the Company” or “SPIRIT Blockchain”) was incorporated in British Columbia, Canada.  The Company is an infrastructure company operating in the Blockchain, Digital Asset and Artificial Intelligence sectors with primary focus on royalty income and capital appreciation.

Spirit Blockchain is a company that will bridge blockchain technologies and digital-assets to traditional capital markets. The focus will be as an operator and strategic investor in the blockchain ecosystem with particular focus on both Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.

As part of this focus, the Company’s key priorities include evaluating and investing in Crypto Mining opportunities in stable jurisdictions like Switzerland and Canada.  SPIRIT Blockchain plans to also pursue possible acquisitions of businesses serving the blockchain ecosystem.

“At Spirit Blockchain, our team has the insight and network to effectively grow and develop blockchain assets,” said Erich Perroulaz Chief Executive Officer of SPIRIT Blockchain. “With new applications being developed for blockchain every day, this is a rapidly growing and evolving market. We are excited to evaluate Joint Venture opportunities which are part of the developing Digital Asset Class.”

About Spirit Blockchain

SPIRIT Blockchain is a Canadian company with a Swiss subsidiary which leverages its expertise and network to build and support blockchain technology companies. The Company intends to raise capital through its network and from professional investors, Family offices and funds.  It is establishing an Advisory Board with experience and technical expertise and plans to become a leading authority and supporter of blockchain. The Company provides investment exposure to the rapidly growing blockchain ecosystem.

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