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Updates about ongoing Business and Investment Opportunity

Updates about ongoing Business and Investment Opportunity

by SPIRIT Blockchain Capital Inc. | May 2, 2020 | Press Releases

It is over ten years since the development of the first Blockchain and the evolution of Bitcoin and other crypto coins. While the investment in Blockchain has touched most industry sectors, the value of crypto coins has been very volatile especially during the last two years. 

This Ecosphere has still to see significant long-term development especially in an alternative decentralized financial system which could be made available to main street.

SPIRIT Blockchain Capital Inc(“SPIRIT” or the “Company”) serves as a proxy for investors who want to participate in this new and developing Ecosystem.

The Company offers a unique investment opportunity for investors who want exposure via a Private Equity Structure to major Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain Ecosphere. 

Business Cooperation

SPIRIT has partnered with BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group Inc. (CSE: BIGG) (“BIGG”) a leading developer and provider of blockchain and cryptocurrency research, risk-scoring, data analytics solutions and investigation services.  Some of BIGG’s clients are the US government and its agencies. This cooperation has led SPIRIT to expand its team in Europe.

Investment Opportunity

SPIRIT serves as a proxy for investors who want to participate in this fast-growing Ecosystem.  The Company is seeking an investment of CD$1m based upon a current valuation         of CD$2m (see separate Term Sheet).  The Company intends to provide longer-term liquidity by a public listing or coin/token.

Investors Profile

At the initial stage the focus is accredited private investors, family offices, asset management firms.

What Investors get

A unique investment opportunity through Private Equity exposure in an operating business which owns liquid digital assets, public companies and provides IT/consulting solutions in the Blockchain Ecosphere. 


SPIRIT is a Canadian-Swiss based Financial Services Company providing traditional investors exposure to Digital Assets and the Blockchain Ecosystem, which may act as a hedge during volatile markets.  

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