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Spirit Blockchain Capital Inc. announces expansion of Blockchain education services

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Spirit Blockchain Capital Inc. (the “Company” or “Spirit”), a private BC company, is pleased to announce that it will expand its educational offering as part of its Advisory & Research Services for institutional and private Investors.

The blockchain ecosystem continues to grow at a rapid pace, with the number of active users and on-chain transactions hitting new all-time highs. While the bulk of high-value transactions are settled on Bitcoin and Ethereum, respectively, other public blockchains and scaling solutions have also recently registered strong growth, spurred by the rise of decentralized finance (“DeFi”) and non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”).

Against this backdrop, new investors entering the crypto space have found it increasingly difficult to keep abreast with the fast pace of blockchain innovation. In light of these challenges for new market participants, Spirit realized the need and demand for a broader spectrum of crypto educational services to meet the needs of investors with limited resources given the speed that the sector has been evolving.

Spirit plans to roll out additional blockchain educational and research services to bring investors up to speed with the fast-moving crypto environment. The blockchain education services will be tailored to the needs of investors and clients.

Please send any requests for education to

About Spirit Blockchain Capital Inc.

Spirit is a Canadian Swiss group operating specifically in the blockchain and digital asset sectors with the primary goal of creating value in a rapidly growing environment through recurring cash flows and capital appreciation.

Spirit provides investors with direct exposure to the sector, without the technical complexity or constraints of purchasing and holding the underlying crypto assets. Spirit’s strategy is based upon management’s conviction that the blockchain and digital asset ecosystem will register significant growth and outperform traditional asset classes over the medium to long-term.

The Company’s strategy focuses on four complimentary economic units:

  • Royalties & Streams by providing capital to blockchain ecosystem participants, where repayment of the notional and interest takes place in the form of crypto assets.
  • Advisory & Research Services to a global blockchain and digital assets investment product available to Institutional and private Investors.
  • Treasury management through investment in major crypto assets with cold storage in Switzerland.
  • Providing IT Solutions to the sector in the areas of Compliance, AML, Forensics and Risk Reporting.

For additional information, please contact:
Erich Perroulaz, Director & CEO