About Us

SPIRIT Blockchain Capital Inc.

SPIRIT Blockchain Capital Inc. ("SPIRIT Blockchain") is a Canadian – Swiss based Financial Services Company providing traditional investors exposure to Digital Assets and the Blockchain Ecosystem.

Through strategic Canadian partnerships SPIRIT Blockchain will mine a diversified collection of multi algorithm blockchains, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum & Zcash.

SPIRIT Blockchain manages a macro book of cryptocurrencies and digital assets and intends to invest in Private Equity, Venture and Public Companies in the Blockchain Ecosystem.

As the sector expands SPIRIT Blockchain intends to license specific blockchain technologies and help deliver integrated business solutions to clients.

A unique dimension of SPIRIT Blockchain’s value to its investors is its in-house incubator, providing resources to maximize the potential of new blockchain technologies, and propel their growth.

"SPIRIT Blockchain provides a simple and secure way to invest in Blockchain and Digital Assets" (Erich Perroulaz, Founder and CEO SPIRIT Blockchain Capital Inc.)