About the Company

SPIRIT Blockchain Capital Inc is a Canadian Swiss company operating specifically in the Blockchain and Digital Asset sectors with the primary goal of creating value in a growing environment through recurring income, cash flow and capital appreciation.

The Company’s strategy is to obtain and expand its exposure to this emerging asset class through providing a board range of services and a value orientated approach with a strong overlay of risk managment. SPIRIT Blockchain owns 100% of SPIRIT Blockchain AG, a Swiss.

The Company’s strategy focuses on four complimentary economic units:

  • Royalties & Streams by providing capital to blockchain ecosystem participants, where repayment of the notional takes place in the form of cryptoassets.

  • Advisory & Data Research Services on Blockchain and Digital Assets to Institutional, family offices and private clients.

  • Treasury management through the management of the Company liquidity in major cryptoassets with cold storage in Switzerland.

  • Licensing & Franchising of Blockchain and Digital Assets technology products to market participants initially in Europe as well as providing consulting services to support these products.