Digital Assets - A growing asset class - How to invest?

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SPIRIT Blockchain Capital invites you to an exclusive free webinar on the beneficial role that cryptocurrencies and digital assets can play in investors’ portfolios. This webinar is for private and professional investors. Hosted by SPIRIT Blockchain, the webinar will be held on

Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 / 2 pm SWISS Time

We cover

  • Crypto and Blockchain - Emerging asset class and investment theme
  • The inflation and debt trade
  • Portfolio diversification with cryptocurrencies
  • Future investment opportunities

The expert

Prof.Dr. Torsten Dennin, Advisory Board SPIRIT Blockchain and Head of Asset Management at Asset Management Switzerland AG

How digital assets serve as an inflation hedge and a store of value, future investment opportunities.

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About SPIRIT Blockchain Capital Inc.

SPIRIT aims to become a leading Blockchain & Digital Asset company focused on streaming, royalties and cryptoassets investments. The firm provides investors with a direct exposure to the sector, without the technical complexity or constraints of purchasing the underlying cryptoassets. SPIRIT's strategy is based upon Management’s conviction that the Blockchain and Digital Asset ecosystem will register significant growth and outperform traditional asset classes over the medium to long-term. As a result, cryptoassets will become an integral part of diversified portfolios. Additionally, SPIRIT Blockchain is building the bridge between North America – Europe/Switzerland. 

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