SPIRIT Blockchain Capital Inc. and Signature Ventures announce strategic cooperation

SPIRIT Blockchain Capital Inc. and Signature Ventures announce strategic cooperation.

December 15th, 2020, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

SPIRIT Blockchain Capital Inc. is excited to announce that we have partnered with German-based Signature Ventures, an early-stage blockchain venture capital fund with a focus on equity investments.

Signature Ventures invests in outstanding founding teams that create the backbone of the decentralized future. Their access to a global network of blockchain projects enables them to identify relevant projects early-on and ensure a high quality dealflow.

In the current bull market cycle, diversification across the full spectrum of blockchain ventures is key to create a portfolio with a strong risk/return profile. Signature Ventures’ strategy captures the full potential of innovation offered by public blockchains, as reflected by a wide range of use cases in their current portfolio.

Signature Ventures Tech Partner Dr. Juri Stricker shared: "Blockchain's abstract nature makes it currently difficult to identify and access clear investment targets outside of cryptoassets. That's why we are excited to be supporting SPIRIT Blockchain in their mission to help traditional investors get exposure to a broad range of compelling blockchain investments that capture the full scope of the innovation. Based out of Switzerland and Canada - two of the most forward-thinking countries in the blockchain industry - SPIRIT Blockchain pursues a multi-asset approach that enables investors to participate in the ongoing disruption without the need to deep dive into the pitfalls of the technology. We believe this will not only provide investors with an attractive upside, but it will continue to drive Blockchain adoption.”

SPIRIT Blockchain CEO, Erich Perroulaz commented "We greatly appreciate the opportunity for a long-term cooperation with Signature Ventures. As a dedicated blockchain fund with top-level industry experts and firmly rooted in the crypto community, Signature Ventures provides access to an extensive ecosystem linking key Blockchain industry players, VCs, corporates and academics to connect and accelerate our portfolio companies with the best business opportunities. Their vast industry expertise and network makes them attractive for highly specialized startups and founders who are looking for smart money.”


About SignatureVenture: Is an early stages VC and invest geographically opportunistic with a focus on Europe.